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#ReadTheWord with Nazia Jabeen

Updated: May 1, 2021

We are doing our part to help while we're all social distancing. Today we're sharing a fun storytime video by Nazia Jabeen, Author of the bilingual book  'By the seashore'. She also shares some tips on how to maintain good & healthy life during these trying times. #ReadTheWorld in Bengali  

COVID-19 is forcing many children to stay home. The #ReadtheWorld initiative aims to help them feel less isolated. As part of a collaboration between UNICEF, International Publishers Association, and the World Health Organization (WHO), popular children’s authors read extracts of their books to millions of children and young people currently living in isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To know more about the project click here.

সাগর তীরে / By the seashore

 The book reveals underwater creatures like mermaids, starfish, prawns, and their other friends as they play games and create ripples in the waves on a seashore.  “It is written with very simple words and sentences to introduce young children to life underwater and develop a love for nature,” shares the author. The bilingual book will equally attract readers from home and abroad. 8.5 x 11 inch - 24 pages - Paperback 4 years and up


the Daily Star article about this initiative



Nazia Jabeen debuted as a writer in the school wall magazine. There after she continued writing for school magazines and various newspapers. She has more than 30 titles on Children's literature to her credit. At present, she is affiliated with several organizations such as Room to Road, Brac, Save the children and Sisimpur. She is the founder of “ Sporsho” and continues working for the enlighten for children.


Moumita Sikder is a student of fine arts. She began her career with drawing cartoon for daily newspapers. She has worked for Room to Read and is currently associated with Sisimpur. Apart from doing illustrations, Moumita immensely loves to sing and play dotara.


Nasrin Sultana Shila is a bookworm from her early childhood. She has completed her post-graduation in Psychology, yet loves to read children’s books without exception. She is a member of Modhupok.

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