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Presenting...beautifully illustrated rhymes 'গুল্টু'

A beautifully illustrated rhyming book

by award-winning author-illustrator Mahhfuz Rahman

A collection of seventeen short rhymes with humorous and irresistible illustrations.

8.4 x 9.5 inch - 28 pages - Hardcover

For everyone who loves rhymes from 4 years and up



Winner of the Panjeree Chhotakaku Shishu Sahittyo Puroshkar 2020

Mahhfuz Rahmaan's book Gooltoo was one of the most popular books for children at the Ekushey Boi Mela 2020. Written and illustrated by the writer, the colourful book is a collection of seventeen short rhymes.

Gooltoo revolves around three characters – Bagoo, Gooltoo and Tunee. One fine day, Tunee comes across a magic lamp and after rubbing it, a giant named Gooltoo appears before her.


Book Review by author Ahmad Mazhar

Bangladeshi Children book author Ahmad mazhar writes a lovely and detailed review of this book.


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