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Hunting the Kite

Hunting the Kite

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Wow, there is a kid hunting kites under the sun! It's hot, please!


About Silent Book
Silent Book is a picture book without text. Supported by cute and interesting pictures, children will enjoy the story through the power of illustration from start to finish.

This book can develop the imagination of children and storytellers, because the contents of the book can be told in a different language at any time. Storytelling will be more fun and enjoyable with Silent Book .


- Drawings are made in different styles.
- The story is fun, funny and full of surprises.
- The picture focuses more on the main character so that children can easily understand the story line.
- This book is made without text so that children can imagine and express themselves in their own language.

- Material for home / school storytelling.
- Parents / teachers can choose their own language .
- Develops the storyteller imagination.
- Develop children's imagination.


Also available in Bengali as ঘুড়ি ধরা